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IoT Platform – A new category of Enterprise software

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IoT Platform – A new category of Enterprise software—What to look out for and how to choose?

Duration: 1 hour

Proactive enterprises are embracing Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to differentiate products, transform operations and enable new business models. Implementing these IoT solutions requires a new software platform to simplify the complexity of deploying, managing, operating and automating connected products and infrastructure.

View our on-demand webcast and learn the important features of IoT software platforms that CIOs and business professionals need to consider as they evaluate opportunities to deploy smart, connected products and enable IoT processes.

The webcast features highlights from the Forrester report “Internet of Things Software Platforms Simplify Transformation of Business Operations.” The report highlights the evolution of IoT software platforms, core functions provided by these platforms and the role of IoT platforms in successful solution deployment.

Key findings include:
  • IoT platforms are emerging as an important category of software to simplify the complexity of deploying smart, connected products and enabling connected IoT processes;
  • IoT platforms enable a range of functions to help firms develop, connect, control and capture insight from connected assets; and
  • IoT platform landscape is evolving with a lot of innovation still ahead.

Featured Speakers

Michele Pelino Michele Pelino
Guest Principal Analyst - Forrester Research

Philip Gerskovich Philip Gerskovich
Senior Vice President, New Growth Platforms
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