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Everyone in hospitality is judged by the service they provide. Now, more than ever, that also includes providing excellent Wi-Fi service. Learn how to win guest loyalty by making wireless access seamless and effortless.

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Are you overwhelmed by how to support a Wireless LAN that satisfies guests? You're not alone. This brief tackles important issues and options for keeping up with evolving wireless network demands and technologies.

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Guests Are Setting
Wireless Trends

Your wireless service can either attract guests or give them a reason to choose a competitor's property. What are the wireless deal-breakers and demand trends? Get the facts so your guests stay connected to you.

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Improve Guest Satisfaction
With High-speed Communications

What was behind costly complaints and low guest satisfaction scores at The Grand Hyatt Kauai? An outdated communications infrastructure and Wi-Fi service. See how they achieved immediate improvements with Zebra.

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Forrester Study

Forrester Study

49% of hospitality firms surveyed are expanding or upgrading Wi-Fi capabilities. 61% are expanding, upgrading or planning to implement IoT. Get all the stats and findings from this Forrester Consulting Wireless LAN study.

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TCO Calculator

TCO Calculator

What is your Total Cost of Ownership for a Zebra Wireless LAN solution versus Cisco and Aruba? Determine your acquisition, service and support costs in three quick and easy steps.

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Zebra Wireless LAN Products
Zebra Wireless LAN Products